6 Benefits of Using WordPress for Any Type of Website

WordPress is a blogging platform that millions of people use to share their thoughts with the world. What many people don’t know is that this platform can also be used to create full-featured websites for business and personal use. Because the software is free, using WordPress can save website owners thousands of dollars. These are just some … Read more

6 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

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Tips for Keeping Your Blog on Track

Douglas Quenqua revealed that 95 percent of all blogs are eventually abandoned. This means only 5 percent of blog owners actually nurture their blogs and keep them on track for long periods of time. Regular blogging can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to stay on track and appeal to your readers. … Read more

How Blogging Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Good search engine rankings are a website owner’s best friend. When your website ranks well for your target keywords, you have a better chance of attracting new readers. High rankings also make it easier to attract advertisers and make money with your website. The following are just some of the ways in which blogging can … Read more

How to Write Good Blog Posts and Attract New Readers

If you want to keep readers coming back for more, you’ve got to give them great content. Writing good blog posts is about much more than selecting a topic and writing about it. You also need to format the post properly and make it easier for people to read. How you format your blog post … Read more

Build a Social Media Following with your WordPress Blog

Anyone who wants to build a social following needs to use social media. However, using social media for the first time can be really confusing. How do you get people to “like” your posts on Facebook? How many tweets should you send out each day? Which social media platforms are worth your time and effort? WordPress is … Read more

7 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most valuable tools available for business owners who do not want to spend hours of their time learning how to code a website. This completely flexible content management system makes it possible to create robust sites filled with dozens of features to help your customers learn more about your business. … Read more

7 Reasons You Must Be Using WordPress for Your Personal Blog

There is a lot of talk about how WordPress is great for business owners. That is true, but not many people talk about how much this blogging platform helps bloggers promote their own personal sites. If you have a personal blog and want to share your thoughts and ideas with a broader audience, consider using WordPress. You … Read more

4 Most Powerful Customization Features of WordPress

Some website owners are tempted to use stock templates without customizing them. While this is an inexpensive way to get a website off the ground, failing to add any custom features or design elements is a bad idea. If you run a personal website, using someone else’s color scheme, graphics, and layout prevents you from sharing your … Read more

6 Reasons Your Business Website Should Use WordPress

Most people think of WordPress as software that is only useful for creating personal blogs. The truth is, this blogging software is actually capable of creating content-rich sites with useful features that your customers will love. If you want to build a website that will generate traffic and get people to love your products and services, then … Read more