7 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most valuable tools available for business owners who do not want to spend hours of their time learning how to code a website. This completely flexible content management system makes it possible to create robust sites filled with dozens of features to help your customers learn more about your business. It is even possible to create an e-commerce site using WordPress. One of the best reasons to use WordPress is the availability of thousands of plugins that will help you manage the look and functionality of your site. These are just some of the ways plugins can help you create a successful website.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing tactic you can use to get more people to visit your website. When people search for information online, they use certain words and phrases. These are called keywords. Someone searching for a dentist in San Diego, for example, might search for “San Diego dentist” or “San Diego dental practice.” You want your website to be one of the first sites people see when they search for keywords related to your business. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that can help you optimize your website so that people can find it easily. This makes it easier to earn money with your website.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s products or services and receive a commission each time you make a sale or generate a lead. WordPress can help you increase your affiliate commissions because there are plugins available to help you post ads on your website and customize the experience of each person who visits. One plugin allows you to place different ads on the sidebar of each page, giving you the option of customizing every single page of your site. When you customize your site and make it useful for each visitor, you will sell more products and earn higher commissions.

Subscription Forms
WordPress has dozens of plugins that can help you create a subscription form for your website. Having a live subscription form allows you to collect contact information from your visitors. You can use this information to send your subscribers free gifts, e-mail newsletters, and information products. This type of marketing allows you to build a relationship with your potential customers, making it possible to increase your business revenue substantially.

E-Commerce Products
This content management system also has many plugins designed to let website owners add products to their websites. These plugins integrate with popular shopping cart software and merchant processing services like PayPal. Advanced plugins allow you to customize shipping and tax information, making it easier to sell products to people all over the world.

Social Media
Social media use is a must for any business owner who wants to find more customers and sell more products and services. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms make it easy to connect with other people and let them know about your business. Some WordPress plugins make it easy for people to share your information with their contacts on social networking sites. These plugins add Facebook “like” buttons and other social media buttons to your website. When someone clicks one of these buttons, that person is sharing your information with others.

Forum Creation
Another way to make more money with WordPress is to use plugins to create a forum on your website. There are several different ways to make money with a forum. One is to charge forum members a monthly fee to access the forum and all of your other membership materials. Another way is to make the forum free for members and charge other companies to advertise in your forum. WordPress plugins make it easy to create full-featured forums where members can share information.

Membership Sites
There are also plugins available for turning your website into a membership site. Membership sites typically have several different tiers, with each tier priced differently than the others. You can give each tier access to different audio files, videos, e-books, reports, and other products, making it possible to earn more income from your website each month. WordPress plugins make it easy to set up each membership level and collect monthly fees from your subscribers.