6 Reasons Your Business Website Should Use WordPress

Most people think of WordPress as software that is only useful for creating personal blogs. The truth is, this blogging software is actually capable of creating content-rich sites with useful features that your customers will love. If you want to build a website that will generate traffic and get people to love your products and services, then read more to find out about the capabilities of this software.

Static Posts

On a traditional blog, posts usually display in reverse chronological order. That means visitors see new content every time they visit the site. You do not have to show your blog posts on your main page, however. WordPress allows you to specify a static post that always displays on the front page. You can create a welcome message or write content that promotes your newest products and services, set WordPress to display this content on a specific page, and then use that content to develop better relationships with your customers.

Traffic Generation

It does not matter how great your website is if you are not getting any traffic. WordPress makes it simple to attract traffic from social media sites and search engines. The many SEO plugins available allow you to optimize each page for specific keywords that your customers will use to find your business. Plugins also make it possible to install Facebook “like” buttons and other social media sharing tools on your site. This increases the chance that your content will go viral and reach thousands — or even millions — of people.

Monetization Opportunities

Monetizing your website just means finding ways to make money with your content. Whether you sell advertising or promote affiliate products, WordPress can help you make more money with your business efforts. Widgets and plugins will help you organize your content and display advertisements so that they are very visible to readers. Installing the right plugins can even increase your conversions, helping you make more money with less effort. E-commerce plugins allow you to create functional online stores and collect payments from your customers. This can help you expand your customer base and make more sales.

Site Navigation

Making it easy for customers to navigate your site is one of the best ways to keep them coming back for more. Traditional websites are often difficult to navigate, but WordPress makes it simple to create intuitive navigation menus that help customers find the information they want. You can create menus that help customers locate your product listing, contact information, ordering instructions, and other information about your business. You can also direct your customers to on-site downloads, such as reports and e-books.

Easy Customization

When you hire a website designer, the cost of the design typically only includes the initial project work. Once the design is complete, business owners usually have to pay for even the smallest changes to their sites. WordPress has a number of features that make it easy to customize the look and functionality of your site even if you have no coding knowledge or experience. With a few clicks, you can change your site’s color scheme, fonts, button styles, and other features. You can also create contact forms and order forms, giving your customers easy access to information about your products and services.

Statistical Information

When you run a business website, you need to know how people are finding your site and what they are doing while they are there. WordPress has several tools for finding out who is visiting your site and which pages they are accessing. There are also WordPress plugins that let you know how many times your content has been shared via social media platforms. You configure these plugins according to your specific needs, making the results immediately relevant to your business.

WordPress is a viable alternative to traditional websites created with hours of coding and tweaking. Because this software is so easy to use, you will be able to reduce your website design expenses and use the funds to market your business or invest in the development of new products. If you have thought about doing a website overhaul, now is the right time to explore WordPress. Contact a WordPress consulting company to find out how to get started.