How to Write Good Blog Posts and Attract New Readers

If you want to keep readers coming back for more, you’ve got to give them great content. Writing good blog posts is about much more than selecting a topic and writing about it. You also need to format the post properly and make it easier for people to read. How you format your blog post may make the difference between gaining a long-term reader and losing someone to another site. Follow these tips for writing great blog posts that keep readers interested.

Scannable Content

Every blog post you write should be easy to scan for important points. No one wants to read long chunks of text with no end in sight. Use bold section headings, bulleted or numbered lists, and bold or italicized text when appropriate. This reduces the chance that someone will see your post and immediately hit the “back” button in favor of another site.

In-Depth Content

Many bloggers make the mistake of writing posts that only scratch the surface of a topic. Anyone can write a fluff piece. Successful bloggers write in-depth content that is thought-provoking and interesting. In addition to capturing reader interest, in-depth content also makes it easier to attract links. People are more likely to tweet about this type of content or link to it via Facebook or other social networking sites. Every time you write a post, make sure you are looking at the topic from all points of view. Interview experts or do some extra research to make sure you cover the topic thoroughly.

Avoid Spam Tactics

If you plan to optimize your blog post for specific keywords, be careful about how often you use those keywords in the text. Repeating a keyword multiple times in a short amount of text makes a post difficult to read and is sure to turn readers away from your blog. Avoid using awkward-sounding keywords, as these can also detract from the quality of your blog post. Stick with ethical search engine optimization techniques and you will have a better chance of appealing to readers and improving your rankings.

Post Length

Writing in-depth content is different from writing lengthy posts. You can have an in-depth post with 500 words of content and a fluff piece of 700 words of content. Online readers typically have short attention spans, so you have to capture their attention quickly and keep it until the end of the post. Your ideal post length will depend on your audience. If you are writing for professionals in your niche, you may be able to get away with lengthy posts. Otherwise, make sure you are not writing posts so long that they make people leave your blog without reading.