7 Reasons You Must Be Using WordPress for Your Personal Blog

There is a lot of talk about how WordPress is great for business owners. That is true, but not many people talk about how much this blogging platform helps bloggers promote their own personal sites. If you have a personal blog and want to share your thoughts and ideas with a broader audience, consider using WordPress. You might be surprised at all of the features available to you at no cost.

Content Control

When you use free Web versions of most blogging platforms, you have to follow their rules for the content you post on your site. Some companies forbid using their blogging platforms to post commercial content. If you decide to solicit donations or eventually want to sell advertising on your personal blog, this could be a problem. When you download and install WordPress on your website server, you have complete control over the type of content you post.

Layout Customization

Even though you are publishing your thoughts for everyone on the Web to read, blogging is intensely personal. Using a stock template does not inspire creativity and may make it difficult to produce your best content. WordPress gives you the opportunity to customize the layout of your site without having to hire a website designer. You can experiment with different color schemes, change the placement of graphics, add calendars and countdown timers to your blog, and make dozens of other changes without having to learn code or hire someone to do it for you.

Connecting with Readers

When you share your thoughts and feelings with others, it is only natural to want to connect with readers and commenters on a more personal basis. WordPress plugins allow you to connect with readers via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also create lists of top commenters and use some plugins to help you run blog contests and giveaways. When you provide something of value to your readers, you will find it easier to build lasting relationships.

Increased Functionality

If you do not have any experience writing code, you would have to hire someone every time you wanted to add a new function to your website. When you use WordPress, you automatically have access to thousands of tools to help you expand the functionality of your blog. When you provide your blog readers with options that other bloggers do not, you have a better chance of capturing their interest and ensuring repeat visits to your site.

Site Promotion

If you decide to expand your blog by offering special prizes or holding commenter contests, you can use the tools available to promote your site to a broader audience. Some plugins allow you to optimize your content so that it is easier for people to find your site when they use search engines to search for information. Many of the best plugins are free, making them extremely affordable for bloggers who do not generate any income from their blogs. This blogging software also makes it easier to promote your site.

Regular Updates

Security is one of the most important concerns of most blog owners. When you do not update your software regularly, your site becomes vulnerable. WordPress is constantly releasing software updates that improve stability, security, and functionality. This reduces the risk that you will lose information or end up with a tarnished reputation because someone was able to access your site for malicious

Publishing Options

If you have to fit blogging in with a variety of other activities, it is helpful to have scheduling options within your blogging software. Some platforms do not allow you to schedule posts or change the dates on your posts, so they are not suitable for busy bloggers who want to write their content ahead of time and post it according to a specific schedule. When you write a post with WordPress, you can set the post to publish any time in the future. If you want to go on vacation or you know you are going to be busy with work for a certain period of time, you can schedule all of your posts so that your blog remains up-to-date in your absence. Since publishing content regularly is a good way to build a readership, this is a very useful feature.