Thesis Theme Review

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a high-quality theme template system that you can use to improve the design and SEO of your WordPress website easily and affordable.

Use Thesis Theme for Worry Free WordPress SEO

Thesis boasts the strongest SEO of any theme on the market today thanks to an expertly-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework. The Thesis approach to WordPress customization solves many of the fundamental problems of Website development and design that interfere with search engine efforts to crawl and index your site.

Thesis Theme Streamlines WordPress Customization & Design

Thesis contains an integrated options panel that enables you to fine-tune and customize each and every page of your site. The Thesis WordPress theme gives you code-free control over your WordPress website like you’ve never experienced before.

With the Thesis WordPress theme, you can easily produce unique designs and make sitewide changes, thanks to efficient isolation of design code in just two key files. Thesis inserts squeaky clean code in the background when you make your specifications in its user friendly options panel. You’ll also love how easy it is to change and experiment with layout and font variations with Thesis’ revolutionary layout generator (1, 2, and 3-column layout combinations) and pinpoint font controls. If you’ve read any of my other theme reviews, you’ll know that control over layout within a theme, is a rare and wonderful thing indeed!

Thesis WordPress Theme Provides Support that is Second to None!

When you buy Thesis WordPress theme you get practically unmatched in-house support, video tutorials, and a killer online User Manual. In addition to the developer’s support, there are also tons of amazingly talented users who help newbies and veterans alike in the Thesis forums.

A quote from Chris Pearson – Thesis Theme Developer

As a former freelance designer, I understand how valuable it is to have a template system that is easy to modify. I built Thesis with an emphasis on key details that allow for simple, powerful customization, so even if you only have a limited knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can tweak Thesis and create an awesome, unique design.

Is Thesis worth the money?

There are times to be frugal, and then there are times to invest in the best. You only pay once, and all future upgrades/releases of the theme are free. Thesis has an affordable price tag which is, in my opinion, under-priced when you consider the SEO benefits, the incredible support, and all the time saving customization features built in.

Thesis is an excellent investment for the online entrepreneur who builds custom sites with WordPress, values their time, and wants a reliable foundation for their WordPress SEO.

Visit the Thesis WordPress Theme site for Thesis demo, forums, and a User Manual that will blow your socks off!

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