6 Tips For Starting a WordPress Blog

starting a wordpress blog

These days it seems that everyone is looking for a great way to make money and earn enough pay his or her bills. Blogging is one of the best ways to make extra money. If you want to make money blogging, then take a look at these helpful tools and tips that will allow you to get on top of your bills and spend extra time with your family.

Find a Site – The first thing that you need to do is find the right website to help you set up your actual blog. There are many websites that will give you a blog for free, all you need to do is sign up and write! There are paid blogs that you can look into — in this case, it is all about finding the right site that will make you the most amount of revenue.

Pick A Topic – Before you get started with anything, you need to pick a topic that you are going to be able to write about. In order to make money online, you need to choose a topic that people want to read about. This is where your brainstorming is going to come in handy!

What to Look For – Think about what you know and what people are generally interested in. Sit down and write out a couple of ideas. The more ideas that you can come up with the more that you will have to work with. Once you choose a couple of topics, try and write out a few subtopics that will give you a better idea about the content that you will need to put up.

What to Avoid – It is vital that you stay away from topics that do not have a lot of information. This is only going to set you up for disaster. If you have a topic that is full of information you will have an easy time writing. If you choose a limited topic, your blogging experience is going to be frustrating.

How often to write – Once you have your topic picked out and ready to go, you need to start deciding how often you are going to write in your blog. You want to ensure that you keep your writing steady. If you are going to write a blog daily, then choose a day to write and submit. This will allow you to get some followers and in turn make some money.

Pull in More Revenue – After you have a good following of readers, you can start looking to expand your blog. You can do this by posting advertisements onto your blog. Google AdSense will allow you to set up your blog and get advertisements that pull in revenue. You should also look at affiliate programs, which pay you to sell products for them to your visitors.
The internet is full of ways to make money, and blogging seems to be one of the top ways these days. If you want to make some extra income, then look online and see how you can get started.

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