Yoast vs. All in One SEO Pack

yoast vs all-in-one-seo

There are certain categories of plugins that everyone needs to have. Those are security, anti-spam, and SEO.

Yoast WordPress SEO and All in One SEO are the two most popular wordpress plugins. Both of them have millions of downloads, but which one is better?

Indexing and Accessibility

Both plugins provide the basics when it comes to indexing features, but Yoast has some nice features that give it an edge.

Yoast and All in One both allow you to choose specific indexing options on individual pages like making a page noindex or declaring a custom canonical URL. Yoast also allows you to 301 redirect a page. Sometimes content needs to be moved or old content needs to be redirected to something new. Yoast makes this easy with the 301 redirect feature.

Yoast also allows you to select individual categories and tag pages to be set to noindex which is much better than the all or nothing approach of All in One.

Winner: Yoast

Titles and Descriptions

The page title and description for your page are the most important feature that an SEO plugin offers. A strong title that contains your primary keyword is one of the most important ranking factors.

Yoast and All in One SEO both make it easy to update your titles and descriptions. Yoast has a few extra features like the ability to create custom titles for category and tag pages. Yoast also has more custom variables that can be put in the description or titles of your pages.

While both plugins do a very good job with titles and descriptions, Yoast gets a slight boost for it’s extra features.

Winner: Yoast

Other Features

Customize RSS Feed – Yoast offers an awesome feature to help you combat content scrapers.  The RSS feature automatically adds your link at the bottom of content from your RSS feed so scrapers that repost your content will automatically link back to your post so that the search engines can easily identify your website as the source of the content.

Focus Keywords and Page Analysis – Yoast offers an analysis feature that gives you instant feedback on some key SEO criteria as you write your post. This feature is really helpful if you’re writing in a hurry or you’re an SEO beginner.

Yoast WordPress SEO seems to have all the features of All in One SEO plus more. Both plugins have the basics, but Yoast has a lot of extra features that make it the clear #1 choice.

Winner: Yoast WordPress SEO

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